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Expanded Polypropylene Panel


Our QuadraLinks GRASS PANEL is molded from expanded polypropylene pellets, EPP. The panel is designed to lock together with a series of alternating posts and sockets in an overlapping method to create a seamless playing surface. Great for recreational or home installations.


QuadraLinks can be customized to your needs with a variety of synthetic grass surfaces that are made of soft and durable polyethylene.


Panel Specs

Size – overall 33” x 33”

Size – surface 30” x 30”

Weight – 4.5 lbs





Indoor and outdoor

playing surfaces

• Mini Soccer

• Lacrosse

• Softball

• Volleyball

• Football

• Multipurpose play areas

  • Roof tops
  • Balconies
  • Lawns
  • Walkways


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